Sense Information Design LLC is a New York-area design consultancy that helps bring focus and clarity to any situation. Our goal is to enable real understanding that leads to meaningful action.


We handle understanding- and communication-related challenges involving organizations, teams, products, services, and information. Our role is to provide the “understanding layer” supporting all phases of problem solving.

We map & investigate

We visualize your present, your future, and gaps in between. We conduct research to make the picture clearer.

We define & design

We help you generate ideas and make them real. We create communications to explain the why, what, and how of your solution.

We help launch & evaluate

We see plans through to final delivery. We assess changes post-launch and identify areas for improvement.


We blend methods and techniques from four fields and adapt them to your needs.

Creative Problem Solving

Facilitated sessions | Session summaries | Strategic plans

Visual Thinking

Sketch visualizations

Design Research

Exploratory research | Ethnographic research | Data collection tool design | Qualitative analysis | Research summaries | Research papers

Information Design

Visual explanations | Presentations | Communications systems | Information displays | Learning experiences | Design guidelines


Our workshops cover the fundamental skills and tools we use ourselves.

Real-World Design Thinking

We present design thinking as a people-centered creative problem solving process supported by hybrid skills and techniques.

Working with Visual Thinking

We focus on making ideas and information visible, workable, and understandable using sketching and other visual methods.

Design Research Fundamentals

We present a rigorous approach to gaining deep insight into people's behaviors and interactions with products, services, and information.

Information Design in Action

We cover basic principles for gathering, organizing, analyzing, and presenting information to enable understanding.


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